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Hi, I’m Deborah, a Well Being Mentor, Entrepreneur, Conquerer of Cancer, Published Co-Author and at present I am also writing my very first Book, all about getting and having Courage! These days after learning many cathartic things about life, I have an innate calling, and feel it is my soul duty and purpose to work with women, as their personal confidante` Mentor, passing on and sharing what I know about life, in all of its textures, colours, challenges and joys!

Working with women, just like you, who have a deep yearning to achieve “more” from life! Guiding you, step by step to create the life that you SO deserve to have, the life that you want SO badly, that NEW YOU that wants to make some changes!

My Story:  Courageously Conquering Cancer!

It was October 2005, when I layed there in my bed not knowing what was wrong with me, I was eating well, I had a successful career, I was always tired despite having a long deep sleep each and every night, but none of this mattered, I was SO unhappy and lost and simply not feeling myself.

I was carrying a heavy load of grief after losing my beautiful gentle Mother to Breast Cancer in 2003, and my father to Lung Cancer in 1996, and a miscarriage in 1999, and here I was, single, alone, heart broken, grieving and I hated my job. I hated it with a passion, I was dealing with workplace harassment and bullying from my Boss, and I was in complete overwhelm, my body was exhausted from stress and sheer unhappiness, layers and layers and layers of it.

So I made the decision to see my Dr, although at the time I didn’t think she could help me either, as I am well read on Health, its one of my passions, and I didn’t think there was anything really wrong with me, at all.

After all I was eating well and sleeping well, but something deeply intuitively pushed me to the point of going to see her.

It wasn’t until a few tests later and a Day Surgery procedure that I was told I had terminal cancer and 6 months to live, with the most aggressive cancerous tumour known, growing in my abdomen. (Adeno-carcinoma)

After many tears of despair and many boxes of tissues, and sleepless nights, I was being forced to make a decision one way or another. So I chose to have the tumour removed surgically in January 2006, and began my path, day by day, step by step along the “road less travelled” with TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine. I also decided I would pray each day, for a medical miracle. So I began a daily practice of Meditation, in the morning upon waking and as I layed in bed each night ready to sleep again.

I wanted to be healed “naturally’ with my mind, without any Chemotherapy or Radiation, despite the team of 3 Oncologists insisting I must begin a radical and regular course of “those” treatments, within 4 days of being diagnosed.

I completely refused all of it. I said NO to Chemotherapy and Radiation and I knew it was the right decision for me.

Being well read and well informed about the power of the mind and natural therapies, and supported in all of my decision making by my wonderful GP – Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos, I had a strong sense and deep knowing I was doing the right thing, it felt 100% right, doing things my way.

I engaged another wonderful Practitioner Dr Helen Georgiou who treated me with TCM, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, prior to the surgery and post surgery.  Both Helen and Vicki were my main support system, I was on my own in this. My mind became my first point of survival – I had to change ALL of my negative thinking and beliefs.

No parents, and my only sibling who has Bi-Polar Disorder was no support whatsoever, and after the Surgery I was now dealing with another healing challenge of knowing I would never be able to have children, which was totally heart wrenching and heart breaking, all at the same time.

Sure I had friends, and some of them were supportive, but honestly, the majority of them weren’t. Two girlfriends who helped me the most are mentioned with heart and gratitude in my Book “Absolutely Courageous” soon to be Published in 2017 in hard copy.

Through the years, as you can imagine, I have learnt and seen many things in my lifetime, through my own eyes as a single career woman, to having cancer, to seeing both parents die from cancer, and your only sibling who has Bi-Polar, and never being able to have children – it changes you forever, you are never the same person again after going through all of that, plus the variety of other life experiences and challenges I have had to deal with.

Here’s the thing, when challenges of all shapes and sizes are thrown at you – you MUST face them head on, deeply. As painful as they are at the time, if you don’t face up to them, they become toxic inside of you. That’s what I was experiencing, unresolved issues, with myself, my father, my sister, and my ex-partner then layered with deep relentless grief.

Cancer therefore is linked to our emotions as far as I am concerned, I have lived it and breathed it and I am still living to tell you that.

It is now January 2017 and as I look back on those days, I know deep in my heart of hearts I have  “changed”.  I am alive and healthy, each and every year since then, all of my Medical tests come back positive with 100% healthy written on them, by my beautiful Dr.Vicki. I am a Business Owner again, my mindset and attitude to life is completely at the other end of the spectrum, doing what I love Career wise, helping women realise they too can make powerful and liberating changes. Changes for the better, you always have a choice, always.

I prayed for a medical miracle in Meditation at home, and that’s what I got.  I removed myself from toxic people and negative situations, I made a concerted and self motivated effort to change my thinking and my habitual negative beliefs.

Once I made that decision to “change” many wonderful opportunities were offered to me, out of nowhere. I was offered an amazing Business opportunity which propelled me forward ten fold – which involved International Travel each and every year for 6 years, a Business I developed into my own from scratch and nothing but 1 x A4 page of Contacts and 1 website address.

Then the most wonderful opportunity came by learning NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming which was undeniably the catalyst and most pivotal point for my mindset, and beliefs to go through cathartic change, and to this day that is absolutely the most powerful healing work I know and have personally experienced, that works effectively for deep transformational change to occur for good.

By winning over 40K of NLP Training Packages, winning that certainly changed my life. Training I could not afford at the time, I wanted to learn as much as possible and do all of the Training’s, so much. I knew if somehow I could do any of the Training’s offered by that particular Trainer, I would absolutely get true healing on a deeper level and be transformed, my intuition was speaking loudly to me and I was listening very carefully.  So by using the visualizing techniques on 1 of the CD’s I was given, I manifested winning not 1 but 3 out of 6 Training’s. The remaining 3 Training’s were also given to me, at heavily discounted prices, by 3 very generous strangers. I had manifested 40K of powerful Transformational Training Packages for 3K !  Again I was reminded of the power of one’s thoughts, one’s ability to be focussed, and how my mind power manifested exactly what I wanted.

The power of positive, focussed thought is what got me there, and here today in 017, and I practice these methods on a regular basis. Methods that work and manifest easily when you know how. Methods that I share with my clients in 1:1 Mentoring Programs, Workshops and Retreats.

These days my lifestyle is all about living my life positively, having courage, being my feminine self and being stylish, and sharing my pearls of wisdom with “beautiful you”.

During my many moments of despair, prior to learning NLP,  I would always end up “snapping out of it” on my own, without the help of anyone, when I connected with beauty and style. I like pretty girly stylish things, and my home is my haven, and I have a gorgeous pretty Cat!

Beauty in all of its forms is powerful.

Surround yourself with Beauty.

Be it beautiful Music, the Garden, Eating Healthy Nutritious Food, Your Pet, the Ocean, Art Galleries, Fashion, or simply doing something for myself that made me feel special, luxurious Bubble Baths and Aromatherapy Oils, to deep Meditation, to Art Classes, to Massage Therapy and visiting Day Spa’s.

Powerful healing for thy soul occurs when you connect with beauty, on your own, as it raises you up into a higher state. Opening you up to a higher vibration if you will, that’s where true-self healing begins in my world.

That’s how I live my lifestyle,

Some of my professional highlights…

  • In 2007, I began mentoring women, with their well-being, by offering clients a supportive, compassionate and positive mentoring style whilst working as a Massage Therapist and TCM Reflexologist (Traditional Chinese Medicine/Methods) which also combined Counselling and Meditation techniques.
  • During 7 years of working in 3 Clinics in Melbourne, I have worked with over 450 regular clients, all of whom had many health related issues and some during a personal crisis as well. All of which propelled me forward to learn more about human behaviour and human development from a deeper perspective. With particular interest in mindset and behaviour patterns and neurological pathways in the brain, which strongly relates to some of the negative experiences my clients were having on a daily basis in their personal life.

Plus the negative experiences and results I had had in my life up to that point, such as my relentless self-sabotaging negative self-talk, layers and layers and layers of grief and then my diagnosis of terminal Cancer.

My quest for learning how “to change myself” was my catalyst for internal change and self-reflection, at a deep cathartic level and coming out the other side of that, feeling completely different, with a fresh and positive perspective on life. So much so, that I feel it is my purpose in life to help people, who also find themselves in seemingly negative and unfulfilling circumstances.

  • During 2009 to 2012, I studied NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, and have obtained a Masters in NLP, which includes Ericsonian Hypnosis, Gestalt Time-Line Therapy and Neurological Re-Programming. I also have a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy and Reflexology.
  • My background also includes teaching and Mentoring Students of Remedial Massage Therapy and TCM Reflexology at 2 Colleges in Australia.
  • My volunteer work includes Counselling at Lifeline.com.au & Volunteer Massage Therapy at the Royal Melbourne Women’s Hospital.
  • My Professional Memberships include:
  • AWA Association – Australasian Wellness Association
  • IICT International Institute for Complimentary Therapists
  • I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in 2 Magazines:
  • Australian Prevention Magazine, and Massage Australia Magazine.

Prior to working closely with Clients as a Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, my career combines many years of working in the Fashion Industry as a high-end Marketing & Fashionista Fabric Expert, with clients such as Collette Dinnigan, Wayne Cooper, Alex Perry, Leona Edminston, Carla Zampatti and Trent Nathan. Then whilst living in Perth, I transitioned to the Corporate Sector as a Project Manager for IPA Personnel, recruiting staff for Hayman Island resort and Managing Training & Development Programs.

My early adult years were spent observing and working with my beautiful Mother in her Nursery and Floristry Business, where I learned many essential and not-negotiable things about running a profitable and successful Business, and how important it was to learn about what it takes to have business acumen, goals, ambition and a passion for life, and courage and determination to get you through the tough times. Knowledge I am very grateful for, to this day, I have implemented a variety of those tools in my Business practises and waking life, from my days as a teenager helping my Mother develop her Business into a roaring success.

Always the curious people person that I am and have become, even more over the years, the complex and profound areas of human behaviour and human development and the power of having a positive mindset still fascinates me.

One of my core beliefs about being a Mentor is that exceptional well-being requires the right blend of POSITIVE emotion and COURAGE and self-awareness, and taking suitable action steps. In my world those are the essential steps to achieving well-being in all areas of your FEMININE life. That’s the mindset STYLE I bring to the table for you – I walk my talk after going through many challenges and many joys, and share with you many of my practical and powerful tools, techniques, and make-overs, that really do work, that are tried and tested with many clients, so you too can transform your lifestyle that lives and breathes well-being on all levels.

Hello, Beautiful You!


Hello Beautiful You,
I’m Deborah Johnston – Mentor – Speaker – Author.

My expertise is Mentoring Women in Business & Life – from Mindset techniques to practical easy to follow steps to help you achieve growth in your Business and to experience positivity, courage, femininity and style in your life!

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