Connecting to Your Core Feminine Truth & Owning It!

During my 1:1 Coaching Appointments with Clients, I often hear a common thread in many of the conversations, its always the underlying truth that my Client/s are simply “not satisfied” with a “same as everyone else, same same” lifestyle, and the most common theme I hear, is that they want more from life, and usually its a whole lot more!

(ie: “same same” have a stable job/career/marriage/partner/mortgage/children/dog/cat)

Most commonly time and time again, many women seek connection and more fulfillment and meaning in their life, sounds corny to some, and time and time again I hear it being said. So what does it really mean anyway?

Connection with what? Yourself? Other women? Does it mean Groups of Women? Does it mean Community Groups? Charity work?   Spiritual Groups?

Or does it mean, scheduling in quality time with yourself to truly connect with yourself?

Its actually all of that and more. Connecting to your core feminine truth and owning it is all about identifying your own core truths within yourself, and about yourself and how you live your life on a daily basis.  To truly understand yourself fully, and owning it, all of it, your joys, your flaws, your achievements, your challenges, your sorrows, your ambitions, your past, your future, and its all completely 100% OK, all of it, every little piece, we are all different, so own it and truly acknowledge who you are today, this day!

No-one is perfect in this world we live in, perfect therefore is only a word, merely a judgement from someone.

By sharing stories, sharing your woes and wins, your lows and highs, your ambitions, your beliefs, your life experiences, your thoughts, your hurts, your pain, your joys, basically hanging out with other women who also go through life as you do, and some women do it alone without any moral support, sometimes by choice and sometimes simply because they do not allow themselves the “self indulgence” of spending quality time with themselves and listening to their little voice inside that is constantly saying – “I’m exhausted”! Surely I am not the only one going through all of this!

You know those moments when its all too much, every thought you have of feeling stuck, exhausted, overwhelmed, alone, scared, frustrated, angry, tired, desperate, fed up!

So, in those moments of despair, ask yourself what is it that you really really want from this life of your’s?

Is it a “same same” lifestyle that you want or crave so badly, or do you already have a life like that and its not what you thought it would be like?

Are you yearning for more, a whole lot more, more meaning to life, more fulfillment, a deeper connection, a completely different lifestyle?

The reality is, as women we are inherently born as “nurturer’s”. More often than not, nurturing everyone around us, helping with this, that and the other, giving and more giving of ourselves to the point of burn out, overwhelm, exhaustion and sometimes “dis-ease” and illness and “ignoring” our own self nurturing and own self worth, and “ignoring” our own inner voice, our own truth.

Its ironic. We are born as nurturer’s, yet we often fail to nurture ourselves.

We truly cannot be the best nurturer to others, when we ourselves have emptiness inside.

So what is the lesson? How can I change that about myself?

Sit still for 10minutes , in a quiet environment, with a notepad & pen, and breathe deeply, with your eyes closed, allowing yourself to fully “stop”.

In this moment, ask yourself what is it that you truly want, what is it that you truly deeply want most in your life ? What is it that you deeply desire for yourself in YOUR precious life?

Acknowledge and notice the first thing/s that come to mind.  (There is no right or wrong answer)

Write it/them down.   4 or 5 words is all you need to start with.

Ask yourself, what is it that you truly deeply don’t want ? What is it that drags you down, what is it that you know deeply inside yourself that you don’t want to tolerate in your life anymore ?

Acknowledge and notice the first thing/s that come to mind.

Write it/them down.

Life is all about lessons, look within yourself as deeply as you wish, be open to self growth and self awareness, the deeper you go, the more clarity, the deeper the clarity, the deeper the truth, the deeper the truth, is your path to joy and change and growth and empowerment and your self worth.

So own it, Own your core truth, find your feminine, find your clarity, find your “don’t want’s”, find your want’s, find a way to connect with yourself by listening to that quiet little inner voice that nags you constantly.

Every truth we have about ourselves with self acceptance, is there to teach us, to help us grow into our truest most authentic self,  if we own it.

A problem shared is a problem half solved with other women, to feel supported, heard, understood, acknowledged, you are never alone, reach out, we all go through challenges, we don’t have to do it alone, own it, and ask !

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