What My Clients Say,

Thank You Deborah for being my Business Mentor for the past 3 Months. I have learnt and grown so much from working with you personally and professionally.

Your unique approach with Mindset work as well as Business Skills & Methods really helped me to create clarity and step into the next version of me.

I now have a brand new website. a brand new niche, and I have launched my new Book ‘When She Wakes, She Will Move Mountains’, with confidence and alignment.

You have really helped me to reimagine myself and to step into my awakened QUEEN!

Tanya Valentin  –  Author  –  Podcaster  –  Midlife Mentor For Women

I loved working with Deborah and was able to achieve alot in 3 Months during her Mentoring Program.

By gaining clarity around my Business, developing my Signature Program and Online Course & signing my first paid Client on to that!

Deb uses a great combination of Mindset & Business Strategies which was exactly what I was looking for.

She has a really calm and understanding manner to her personality that allows you to delve into whats really going on to get the best results.

Stacie Wilkes  –  Flourish Coach For Women

Deb’s webinar ‘Polish Your Online Presence’ was super insightful about the importance of having a consistent, cohesive and professional looking brand.

She provided really clear examples and direction on how to achieve brand consistency across social media. 

I highly recommend you attend her next Webinar

Chloe Bright  –  Online Business Manager & Automation Expert

I highly recommend Deborah for Business Mentoring and N.L.P!

Deborah not only used her N.L.P. wizarding wonders, she is also gifted with Business tools, helping me identify ‘the wheat from the chaff’ for my Business to make sense in the short and long term. Her blend of using N.L.P. with her Business skill set as a Mentor has been invaluable.

I could not have done this without Deborah’s assistance and guidance. Deborah’s Hypnosis sessions are powerful, the NLP techniques she teaches her clients are useful in all areas of my life. I now know I’m an auditory learner; when I thought I was a visual learner, it’s so interesting and has made such a huge impact both on my Business and my personal life. I’ve reached a new level in my own personal understanding of my Business, my path and what lies ahead for me.

I could not have got to this next level in my Business without the work I have done with Deborah. Thank you for your commitment, your dedication, your understanding without judgement and your encouragement every step of the way.

Tiffany Johnson  –  Author – Podcaster 

Wow, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such an insightful N.L.P. & Hypnotherapy session. I was really surprised how quick and easy it was. I have been using the homework suggestions to reinforce my new positive beliefs and I’m feeling surprisingly content about my optimistic future. With much gratitude.

Dee Brennan  –  Massage Therapist  &  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher  

Deborah is a very organised and knowledgeable Business & Mindset Mentor. She has a vast array of useful and effective resources to offer across many areas of Business & Mindset.

She offers relevant and specific advice and will push you gently, to be your best. Deborah sees what you CAN be and guides you towards that when you can’t see it for yourself.

Her vast business experience offers a real and lived perspective not a token one. I now see how to go about my owning my own business in a polished and professional way.

Yesterday was a special day for me. I sold my first enrollment in my online course that I have been working on for quite a while. It feels fantastic!

This sale yesterday feels all the more special because at the last session we did a process called “Intentional Visioning Process” where powerful hypnosis and visioning combine to manifest specific outcomes. This outcome is the beginning of my manifestation from this process.

Over the last 12  months she Mentored me on my Mindset, where I was falling down and where I was achieving, and where I wanted to go next! 

With Deborah’s help & encouragement I feel confident to go out into the wide world as my authentic self and share my business and empowerment message far and wide knowing I have a supporter in the background cheering me on after building me up.

Thank you Deborah xo

Vicki O’Connor  –  Empowerment Coach For Women 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping me get some much needed clarity with my online business strategy.

You’ve given me plenty of inspiration and amazing tips with a clear way to move forward with my new business plans and structure.

I’m super excited about my next steps and so glad we crossed paths.

Jodi Hay  –  Accountant

I decided to work with Deb after wanting to up-scale my business quite drastically, but I knew I would need to do some work on my mindset. As my mindset blocks were preventing me from getting clarity and better results in my Business.  I am honestly so happy I made the choice to do so.  Deb has provided me with mindset ‘tools’ which have made such a difference and were easy to implement. The process was simple and enjoyable, and I have experienced positive results quickly.

I highly recommend Deb if you have mindset blocks that are blocking your thoughts and progress in your Business.
Lisa Mansillo - Social Media Marketer

Working with Deborah really gave me the space to put myself and my business concept out there without fear or judgment. She’s really relatable, but also kept me on track and asked the questions that provided clarity to what was unclear or missing.

Deborah is very supportive without losing sight of providing the relevant feedback that will help my Business grow, which I really appreciate. She’s great at providing little tips to keep in mind, and she pointed out a few logistical things that I would have completely missed, but that made a big difference in my communication with clients. It’s been wonderful working with her and learning from her experience in Coaching and organizing Retreats to apply to my own business.

I’m grateful for getting to know you Deborah and look forward to staying in touch to talk more about my Business Development Plans.

Cindy Chen Scherban - Blogger

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