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Beautiful You, we all have choices, and we can all choose to aspire to be someone we are not, or to have a better lifestyle we want so badly, or to stay right where we are in our “comfortable zone”, however unfulfilling it is.

As a large majority of people still deem happiness as having “material things” these days and money and status and everything else that is woven into that, be it Designer Label Fashion and Accessories, Cars, Boats, Houses, Travel, Jewellery, Art Collections and various other material objects such as a large Shoe Wardrobe !

The obvious pressure from Magazines, TV and social media, to “look good” and have the “lifestyle”.

I think the reality is, we have all fallen victim to that at some stage, even with taking a selfie ! In a lavish 5 Star Hotel or Restaurant.

Wearing beautiful stylish fashionable Designer clothes and Accessories, and a shapely Hourglass figure, having a perfectly porcelain complexion, have beautiful flowing Hollywood style long locks of hair, and then there’s your Nails and Toenails that need a constant paint job ! It can be overwhelming and endless keeping up with “The Jones’ ” an Australian euphanism to my international followers ! About comparing yourself to someone else, who seemingly has more material possessions and a lifestyle to go with it, than you.

We aren’t all born with good looks and good hair and beautiful teeth and a beautiful hour glass figure, and lots of money to “fix” up our bodies. I am not an advocate of that, except for Dental work.

It’s what we do about it, and how we go about presenting ourselves is what matters, and that’s what people remember us for.   “Is she a nice genuine person, is what people will say, rather than she has a Gucci Watch”.

How we feel when we have made the effort to dress up, leads our emotional response and state, we are all lead by our emotions, first and foremost. As famous Psychologist Carl Jung stated and referenced in many of his studies and lectures and papers.

In 2011 I had an Upper Jaw reconstruction for Cosmetic reasons as I had a very crowded ugly row of Teeth. Up until that day I NEVER smiled, NEVER.  At the time I didn’t realise or know how AMAZING it felt to be able to SMILE widely and confidently, I had NEVER felt that way, NEVER. Until I walked out of the Dental Clinic. I honestly felt like a completely new person, it was cathartic.

I always felt embarrassed and self conscious. These days I have lots of Photos taken, by choice, to make up for many years of refusing to have my Photo taken. I cannot begin to tell you how much I sobbed when I knew I could SMILE with confidence. That day still brings a tear to my eye.

We all notice someone who is stylish, well groomed, and well spoken, and who treats people well, and who exudes self confidence.

Stylish Presentation is important for high self-esteem and confidence and self-worth, and in general terms, makes you feel good. When you know you look good, you feel good, and people around you notice it too, and they remember you.

How you present yourself is a statement about how you value yourself, how much time, effort and thought you have put into your outfit is always a measure of that.

Stylish presentation does not have to cost you a fortune, if you are skilful, practical and have good taste and a sense of colour and know where to Shop, you literally have it in the Bag !  Internet shopping is a fantastic method to make purchases for a fraction of the cost, within a fraction of the time.

Elegance is not about standing out, its about being remembered   – Georgio Armani

Life for most of us is a constant of uncertainty, with joy and successes along the way and for some, the path in life sometimes leads to the extremes of pain and tragedy. When all you feel like doing is giving up and feeling sorry for yourself and not knowing what to do about any of the circumstances you have found yourself in. So you do nothing, you become overwhelmed, you stay stuck, you end up in a rut.

During those times of despair, is when you can choose to stay in your pain, or choose not to.

It really can be as simple as making that choice. The choice to “change” to reinvent yourself like never ever before.

Choosing to take control of your life rather than choosing to be a victim of your circumstances, is the most empowering action you can take to illicit change, and the BIGGEST favour you can do for your self and your life !  An uplifting attitude will propel you forward and keep you feeling motivated to keep on moving forward.

Surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people is paramount. Letting go or keeping your distance from toxic friends, family and colleagues is often necessary so you can stay focussed as you strive forward.  Setting boundaries with them is an option.  Allowing other people to bring you down, and to keep you “safe” within the confines of their own comfort zone, or your comfort zone, does not and will not serve you, for your greatest good. Especially that you have committed to yourself that you have already begun reinventing yourself.

We all have a choice. Your life is YOURS. Their life is thiers. Sometimes the people closest to you don’t want to see you change, or prosper, as that can make them feel uncomfortable, particularly if they aren’t willing to change anything in their own life.  Call it envy, jealousy, spite and resentment, which are all negative emotions.

Love them, and loathe them and choose to move on. Life is precious and short, and Beautiful You, you do deserve to have happiness, success and fulfilment just like everyone else does.

Again it’s always your choice, and how you choose to go about making the necessary changes.

Are you dragging your feet, and feel like you are stuck in a rut ?

What are you going to do about it ?

How are you growing ?

When are you going to take the first step ?

Beautiful You, its time isn’t it !


Take control of your circumstances, your life, and your hair, and reinvent yourself  – Pamela Martin – My Mother

A clean canvas of positivity, awaits you, waiting for you to develop it into your own Masterpiece. The excitement of a clean slate. Designing your life your way in your own unique style. A new Tapestry Canvas to embellish with your pearls of wisdom and colourful threads and tales of yarn, with your ribbons of glory and joy. Your sparkle woven into your Tapestry, creating your new joy, creating your new life, creating your new Beautiful You.

Our thoughts are our own worst enemy, we can choose what we think, what actions to take and what we want to be remembered for.

She always believed happiness was a DIY Project, and today was a good day to reinvent herself   –   Anonymous


Your own personal style, can also be reinvented, its always up to you to shape that into whatever you want it to be. You can choose whatever style you like, Beautiful You.

Listen to that little nagging voice inside your mind that says:

I have always wanted to BE …..

I have always wanted to DO …..

I have always wanted to HAVE …..

Beautiful You – ask Your True Self these Questions

Sometimes we have to do this, by listening to our own inner thoughts and dialogue, and by embracing our true authentic self, and BEing it, only then after that, we can HAVE the lifestyle we want.

Try it on, the new beautiful You.

Take off your mask, let your true empowered self shine

What do you want to BE remembered for ?

What have you always wanted to DO ?

What type of personal Style do you want to HAVE and emulate ?

What lifestyle do you want to re-invent for yourself ?

Beautiful You – ask your True Self these Questions.

She is clothed with strength & dignity & she laughs without fear of her exciting future – Anonymous


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