Beautiful You – do you notice yourself saying “I just don’t have enough time”  I never have enough of it!  Each year you have exactly the same amount of Minutes – Hours – Days – Weeks & Months to make something of your life, just like everyone else does!

“Truth bomb” – so why aren’t you achieving as many things as other people are?

It’s always about getting yourself more organised.  Forming some “good habits” with your time, and before you do create some new habits for yourself – you really must ditch those “old habits” that aren’t serving you, that end up wasting your valuable time, energy and focus.

So how do you do that?   When there’s just so much to do, all the time?   When you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed?

Start by making a list of where you know you are doing something that is a waste of your time and effort’s, or is sucking your energy. It could be going to the Supermarket, doing Housework, connecting with people who you have nothing in common with anymore, it could even be a rocky “up & down” – “hot & cold” relationship!  Or having a Hobby or Interest that you aren’t enjoying any more, or driving to the Gym that takes too long to get to in traffic, or it could be a variety of Business tasks that you can “out source”.

Automation has many masks, and its relatively easy to implement some changes and have a “makeover” of your life and your time. Simplifying your life so you DO have more time, could be as simple as installing an App and doing your Supermarket Shopping on-line and getting it delivered, or getting a Cleaner, choosing a Gym that is closer to Home, disconnecting with people who suck your energy will save you alot of time and heartache and will give you space to reconnect with them at another time if you so choose to. That way you will have time to meet new people or go to new Business Networking Events!

Business tasks can be outsourced 1 by 1 – rather than sit in continuous overwhelm, and feeling unproductive which is counter productive – make a list of all of the tasks you do in your Business with Headings and Sub Headings such as these following examples:

Social Media Posts – Social Media Images – Social Media Marketing – Social Media Scheduling – Social Media Replies.

Marketing – Print Media – Video – Facebook LIVE’s – Networking Events – Business Cards – Brochures

Book Keeping – Accounts Payable – Accounts Receivable – Client Payment Plans – Paypal – Invoicing – Expenses – GST – Tax Receipts – Equipment Register – Virtual Assistant Outgoings & Time Sheets

After you have made a comprehensive list of every type of task you do, then you have a plan right in front of you to work with.  Start by choosing 3 tasks you can out source to an Admin Assistant or a Virtual Assistant VA – tasks that are way to time consuming for you, or tasks that you dont enjoy doing.

Or it could be getting a Cleaner once a week to clean your Home and Office, and who also does your Laundry and Ironing.  Or it could be as simple as installing suitable App’s on your phone so you can shop on-line and get things home delivered, or store your Receipt’s instead of collating paper Receipts at Tax time etc etc etc.  Many App’s are available these days to help you get “automated” and usually save you alot of time and effort.    Which of course gives you more time.

Over a few months you will soon have a more organised plan than you had before, and of course sticking to it – is how you create “new productive habit’s” that free up your time and take away some of the overwhelm you once had.

Beautiful You – the key thing to remember is you must be “consistent” so you have more time!

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